JV'n Dr. Panckaj Garg
Founder & Advisor

Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University – Teaching Daughters To Fly High

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “Daughters are not a burden but the pride of the whole family. We realize the power of our daughters when we see a woman fighter pilot…when our daughters bag gold medals or for that matter any medal in Olympics.” With the PM advocating education for all women as their birthright once again, the Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University (JVWU) is actually giving wings to women so that they can break the centuries-old shackles and fly as high as they want to. Dr, Panckaj Garg is the Founder & Advisor of the University while Ms. Vidushi Garg is its Chairperson.

The Beginning
The University was founded in 2008 as a vibrant, research-led, Women University made up of a diverse group of students belonging to different cultures, religions, ethnicities and ideas. JVWU is a NAAC-accredited Institution that promises to deliver a dynamic and interdisciplinary learning environment to build an ideal foundation for the students’ personal and professional development. The University website provides a detailed assessment of the facilities and programs offered on the campus.

The Vision
The University aspires to become a leading centre of excellence for Education, Research, Clinical Care and Training in Professional, Technical and Medical fields. It aims to educate women in technically advanced disciplines to inculcate in them the spirit of enterprise and a desire to excel. The University’s mission is to provide “Education for Community Development Leading to Women Empowerment.” In fact, JVWU is India’s First State Private Women’s University to achieve this Mission.
Ms. Garg, also conferred with the award of  the youngest women entrepreneur of the nation, explains the University’s resolution beautifully, “"Let us wage a glorious struggle towards Empowerment of Women and let no daughter of the Nation be deprived of education. Our devotion is the most powerful weapon to bring the reforms. Let us step beyond the traditional role assigned to Women and set a benchmark of courage for others.” In fact, Dr. Garg, was also awarded the title of being the “Youngest Founder of a University” by the India Book of Records.

Diverse Curriculum
In its 12th Academic Years so far, JVWU has enrolled more than 26000 students for 121+ programs. There is a dedicated faculty to impart quality education in diverse disciplines like – Computer Science, Designing, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda, Commerce, Naturopathy & Yogic Science, Education, Arts & Humanities, Homeopathy, Food & Biotech, Agriculture, Journalism etc. The University Programs are open to students at the 10th, 12th, Graduation, Post-Graduation and beyond levels. So far, the University has filed for more than 17 patents, published 747+ research papers and given birth to 19+ Startups.

Not Just Academics
At JVWU, students’ education is not restricted to classroom learning only. It practices overall development, including personal, professional, social and spiritual personalities of students. This is achieved by exposing them to real life preparations like problem solving and skill training. To fulfill this purpose, the University trains students in self-defense, disaster management, help aid, yoga, meditation, vaccination & immunization, etc.

Placement Opportunities
JVWU believes that educating women and giving them the opportunity to control their own income is the best way of empowering them. The JVWU’s Training and Placement Cell not only provides 100% placement assistance to the students but also give them a platform to explore, hone their skills and put their best foot forward while facing the Corporate. 
Such a holistic educational experience, right in the heart of Rajasthan, is what JVWU is all about!



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