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''Corona  Mukt Mera Ghar Pariwar''
To Make India ''Corona Free''

The Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur has been established by the Government of Rajasthan through  Act No. 17 of 2008  as per UGC Act 1956 dated April 21, 2008.  The University is NAAC Accredited having recognition and  approvals from related statutory councils.  The University has established  Innovation Centre, Incubation Centre, R &D Centre, Research Laboratories  with  having sufficient Research Resources and integrative supportive units.

At Present, Dr. Panckaj Garg, Founder & Advisor along with his team fully involved in thinking,  How to eradicate Corona Virus, the University has been  also declared as  ''500 Bedded Quarantine Centre'' by the Government of Rajasthan for the containment of COVID-19.  

Following are the outcomes of 'University Thought Process Lab' to discuss and invite new suggestion/views from   public  for future  scope  of research  for containment of Corona Virus.

Primary Study for Scope of Future Research for containment of Corona VirusResearch Concept:  - Need to Breakdown materials of Lipid Envelop (outer layer) of Corona virus and  destroy  its RNA/Protein Cells,   Mean - Corona Destroyed   

Supportive Theories /Views

  1.  Wash Hands with foam Soap for  20-30 seconds time to time  and also  clean the  whole Tap  to break the Lipid Envelop  (outer layer of Corona virus)
  2. Wipe your entire House with Detergent then Phenyl, or cow urine (Gomutra) to break the Lipid Envelop  ((outer layer of Corona virus)
  3. If complain of sore throat,  Drink  Ammonium Chloride solution and gargles with Vinegar which  destroy/loosen the virus lipid envelop (outer layer of virus)  and get pushed  into Gut.  Gut enzymes  completely destroy the Lipid Envelop of virus and its RNA /Protein cells after  taking  vinegar and   Hydroxychloroquine  tablets  as per  Doctor's   advised. 
  4. Use citrus fruits /vitamin C  to enhance Immunity which also help  to destroy virus in  Gut.
  5. Expose your body  in  Sun light or take Vitamin D  everyday  that  reduce  the growth rate of  virus.
  6. Open the windows of your house and let the sunlight enter the house, as Sunlight  is an Effective Disinfectant.
  7. Perform  Traditional worship-  ''Havan''   to  sanitize  the Air.  ''Havan'' fume is Disinfectant  and Air purifier.
  8. Breathing Exercise - DO  Annulom-Vilom  everyday. It expends  Lungs  and improve  the lung capacity  and  infectious mucus root out if  persist in throat . 

You may discuss  with us   above  mentioned theories/views and also suggest  new theories/views to include  for future scope of research .  Might be,  your experience, suggestions, knowledge   determined   a concrete way of research  for the prevention and  cure  management of COVID -19.

Please Join  and Share your thought/Suggestions/Views/Knowledge   with Us on University  Portal ''JV Interaction - Vichaar Manch''  Portal,   
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