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Agenda for Inclusion in Manifesto of Political Parties

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We all know well about rural development and its great importance in our country, which is the most important factor in the development of the Indian economy. Government schemes/ policies which have already been implemented with the aim of sustainable rural development need a new approach and its solid execution at the grassroots level. Government has needed to work for the upliftment of rural India to bring huge changes in the areas like health, education, agriculture, infrastructure, employment etc.
There are many scopes for improvement in the rural areas, on which we have proposed the agenda to include on the manifesto of political parties, which focus on those important points, on which the government should work vigorously for sustainable growth and development of Rural India.
Agenda for inclusion in the manifesto as follows:
1. Rural Public Service Commission (RPSC) should be constituted to provide jobs for rural services such as administration, health, education, and agriculture etc. with following features:
 Provide recruitment through last qualifying marks percentage merit basis for all rural community services. Merit cutoff should declare by Rural Public Service Commission (RPSC) mean 95% for Health/Administrative Services, 92% Education Services, 60% Agriculture Services etc. No requirement of conduct any separate Entrance exam or interview.
 70 % seats reservation for Rural Domicile Candidates.
 25 % Perks Higher than Urban Services.
 There is no transfer in the Urban Services till retirement.
2. Use of MNAREGA Fund for development of Gram – Panchayats –
The MNAREGA funds should be given as grant-in-aid to the Gram Panchayats for developing Community Dairy farm, Food Preservation Unit, Fodder Cultivation, Manure Bank, Cold Storage, Samudayik Shochalay, Sewage Water Treatment Plant (WSTP), Manure Plant etc. 90% employees should be appointed from the respective village Panchayats so that migration could be stopped leading to eradication of unemployability.
3. MBBS / BAMS / BHMS / BDS /Veterinary Medical Colleges, which has been set up in rural areas, should have only half the strength of its IPD beds compared to Urban Hospitals and against it, either minimum 10 PHCs must be opened in the rural areas or they should operate Government PHCs around nearby areas and their hospitals shall be work as Referral hospitals. They should also adopt minimum 5 Gram Panchayats to conduct Health Awareness programs, distribution of Prophylactics, Vaccination, School Health Programs, conduct Health Check-up at least 2 times in a year for all villagers.
4. Agricultural universities should be handed over 60 hectares of barren land every year to convert into fertile land and fodder cultivation. Grants given to agricultural universities /colleges can be used for this purpose/Along with minimum 25 Gram Panchayats should be also adopted by all Agriculture universities which will support agriculture system for improve rural economy and increase crop productivity.
5. Teacher Education Institutions should adopt 5 to 10 schools of nearby villages to train their students so that they can work as "mentors" for the entire year to improve the weak subjects of nearby junior grade students under student Internship/Training Program as a part of their curriculum.
We are happy to share that the University is already working on the above mentioned purpose to meet the demand of essential services of rural communities at the university level since its inception. Our students and teaching staff are actively engaged in various awareness programs and community development programs, which comes under the compulsory curriculum of the University Mission Courses, of which without obtain the credits, Degree is not awarded to the students and we got impressive results from all these activities.

All stakeholders can share their views on the above mentioned agenda or write a new agenda so that political parties can easily choose or include in their Vision Plan of next 5 years.
Dr. Panckaj Garg
Founder & Advisor
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur


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