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Agenda for Inclusion in Manifesto of Political Parties
Thought Process:
We all know well about rural development and its great importance in our country, which is the most important factor in the development of the Indian economy. Government schemes/ policies which have already been implemented with the aim of sustainable rural development need a new approach and its solid execution at the grassroots level. Government has needed to work for the upliftment of rural India to bring huge changes in the areas like health, education, agriculture, infrastructure, employment etc.
There are many scopes for improvement in the rural areas, on which we have proposed the agenda to include on the manifesto of political parties, which focus on those important points, on which the government should work vigorously for sustainable growth and development of Rural India. Agenda for inclusion in the manifesto as follows: 1. Rural Public Service Commission (RPSC) should be…
University Thought Process Lab
Thought Process
Require Unique Sign/Symbols for NAAC Accredited Institutions/Universities to Provide Authentic Information.
Accreditation ensures the quality of Education and it is a stamping on the quality of education being imparted at an institution/University. Accreditation provides assurance to the students for the standard High quality education which they will receive from any Accredited University/Institution.
At a time when thousands of Education Institutions/Universities are being intense to assure for deliver High Quality Education to their students. This is necessary to spread Authentic Information among students about All Universities/Institutions. In this context, we would like to share our opinionwith all concerning Government Bodies that it is very important an identification of each and every education Institution/University who is Accredited by NAACand required an identification of All programs which are offered by them whether they are Acc…


University Thought Process Lab
Thought Process: The Central/State Government gradually executing the new testing methods for students by introducing new Entrance/Exit Examinations and now this became the fashion trends in testing system to introduce Exit Examinations for almost every discipline which are forcefully imposing on students. It is suppose to be happen that; the Government makes it mandatory for every graduate to appear for an 'Exit Exam'  but Exit Exam renders Higher Education System redundant. Universities are authorized entity by the Government to develop curriculum, conduct examinations and award degrees and competent enough to execute all. Introducing new exam patterns over existing examination is not a right path to improve education and evaluation quality.
Rather than implementing the Entry/Exit Exam System, the government has to think about to increase the effort put forth to improve the quality of the education and strengthen the evaluation process. There is n…