‘Given The Space To Stand Up, I Can Move The World’

Given The Space To Stand Up, I Can Move The World’

We proudly give examples of the culture, tradition, rituals, heritage technological advancements, international recognition of the Nation but life cannot be completed in just A, B, C and D, to complete life one needs all the syllables right from A to Z.
‘Women Higher Education’ no doubt is a million dollar concern of the hour, it has gained attention of Indian parents as education equips a woman to make major decisions regarding their lives, improve their health, create a spillover effects on their families and thereby the society at large.
At Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur we hold a strong determination and a commitment to the daughters of the Nation that through the multi faceted education which is a blend of value education and modern prospects they will stand out in the world beyond campus as a self-confident, skilled individual and become a better daughter, sister, wife and mother and make progressive family.
We are at an initiative to eradicate the gender disparity and that is why our wide range of professional programs does not restrict girls while choosing their career to choose only from subjects of an ordinary graduation similar to traditional school of thoughts.
Nation’s First State Private Women’s University is now inviting applications for various regular programs for Women only, providing a platform to pursue a career that you only have to think of and we have that under single umbrella.


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