University Thought Process Lab: Safe, Secure, Identified Virtual Environment for minors and students

Thought Process:   Connect My Ward to Identified Community Only   

I Dr. Panckaj Garg, Founder & Advisor of India's First  State Private Women's University "Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur" sharing outcomes of University Thought Process Lab.

The Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur has been established and incorporated under the Act 17 of 2008 passed by Rajasthan State Legislature and notified by the Government of Rajasthan through its official Gazette Notification No. F.2 (23) Vidhi /2/2008 dated April 21, 2008.
We are  one of the leading Women's University in India and committed to provide  "Education for Community Development" leading to Women Empowerment.
We  hereby wish to share our views  on the basis of feedback received from parents to all concerning bodies who are giving their important contribution in the development of young generation through huge number of advancements in  technologies.

Feedback : Safe, Secure, Identified Virtual Environment for minors and students 

In our Country, As per the rule by Government and also  most people seem to accept children's  (below 18 Years)  exclusion from voting, they strongly  agree on the  perception that  they do not have  Right to Vote,  because they are not enough mature to understand the difference between right & wrong  and incapable of making reasoned and wise decisions.  same as for students (upto graduate level), we noticed that parents wants to keep a watch on  their children's each & every physical activity  and need to monitor all of them.

Thought Process  If  there is need to monitor physical activities of the students by their  parents, then this is also necessary to identify  their virtual resources , online links & contacts etc. by their parents.

Outcomes :

1. Mobile manufacturing Companies  need to  provide  special OTP based mobile Gazettes for students enabled with  calling   features i.e., incoming and  outgoing call facility  on only  registered numbers which are enlisted in students' contact list after OTP Validation through  their parents mobile number only. Their call report should be viewed on parents  mobile number and mobile bill also should be merge with parents mobile bill.

2. In this Digital era, Facebook has been a very important part of everyone's  daily life  to  connect with the Global World .  There is need to launch some exclusive features on face book for students  where students can connect  to only authorized persons  for which friend requests should approved  by their parents through their account only including features to view  all  chat of their wards. 

3. There is need of Google safe searching engine for students where they can access  freely but highly  prevented from browsing of  inappropriate contents. links . websites so  that they do not fall prey to various cyber crimes.
Facebook & Google Accounts  should be  linked  to their  Aadhar Numbers for differentiation of Age of users of India and to avoid  creation of fake & duplicates accounts.
We hope all above mentioned  points  will be accepted by Govt. of India, Face book, Google & Mobile Manufacturing Companies so that Indian parents can feel more secure and able to monitor their ward's activities virtual contacts, links etc. and students would not misuse virtual tools and  does not waste their valuable time.
Being a Women's University  we provide secure monitoring & pre identified environment for our students. We also  provide communication facility  to the students only on  registered numbers which are verified by their parents because Mobile phones are prohibited in the Campus.  We are providing all facilities through special software's  and  presently Face book and other social networking sites are banned for students due to security concerns.

 We understand that  the  use  of mobile phones, Internet and social networking sites are must  and we  want  our students to be updated with this technical advancements  but  this is only possible  if  Face book Google & other Social networking sites can provide  separate link with such features  for students  to access these sites safely.
If such kind of software and technologies are launched,  it will be  very  helpful  for  both students and their  Parents to pursue education  without any obstacles and not fall prey to the inappropriate content for the student to practice good habits for lifetime. 

 We will seek  kind support from all concerning bodies in the noble cause of community development.

Dr. Panckaj Garg
Founder & Advisor
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University


  1. I am highly inspired with outcomes of University thought Process Lab. its success story will definitely educate the youth of the nation to understand the use of internet in ethical manner, as this will abolish creation of fake and duplicate accounts, this vision is incomparable.


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