JV'n Dr. Panckaj Garg recieving "Youngest Founder of a University " Award from "India Book of Recodrs"

Dr. Panckaj Garg is listed in “India Book of Records” as “Youngest Founder of a University” and again nominated and selected as Top 101 Record Breakers in India in year 2013.

After the huge success of its first 'Record Breakers' Festival in 12 different locations of India on January 12, 2012, India Book of Record's 'Record Breakers' festival' will be held for yet another time in India. This festival will be celebrated to honor and appreciate those who are always striving to do something beyond their limits. They extend their horizon everyday to achieve something extraordinary. We celebrate the courage of those people who break the limits by their sheer will and mind power. We constantly strive to Encourage-Motivate-Acknowledge-Honor such remarkable people who dare to do something for themselves and for others around them as well. Pan India and the record holders fraternity will be celebrating Record Breakers Festival on February 27, 2013 from 12:00 pm onwards at Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra Auditorium, Sector 6, Noida. The one-day festival will see the breaking of 101 different amazing records by the people who are kings and queens of their own fields and thereby get the kind of applause they deserve from the world. 
Dr. Panckaj Garg of Jaipur, Rajasthan, is the youngest founder of an university. He has been recognized as the founder of a Jayoti VidyaPeeth Women's University which was established under the act of 2008 by the State Legislative of Rajasthan. The University received the notification on April 21, 2008 and holds all the rights according to the statutory norms. India book of Records has invited Panckaj Garg on February 27,2013 at the Record Breakers Festival to get felicitated for his achievement. 
He will be bestowed with a unique medal, certificate and memento from India Book of Records (the goodies are limited edition and are solely meant for the Record Breakers' Festival only).


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