Working Module for Privatization in Rural India

Working Module for Privatization in Rural India
1)     The universities and medical colleges should be established only in the rural areas of the state. They should be funded either in PPP mode or by the Government.
2)     The Government should constitute two Commissions of Recruitment e. g. Urban Public Service Commission (UPSC) and Rural Public Service Commission (RPSC) in which the following designation categories should be included:
Ø  Indian Education  Service (IES)
Ø  State Education Service (SES)
Ø  Indian Health Service (IHS)
Ø  State Health Service (SHS)
                At present scenario, probably, each state is establishing Private Universities and Medical Colleges but they are established without any working module. If state government sketch the draft and point out only Rural Areas of each district at for a Private Residential University and Private Medical College then the problems of education, health, employment, poverty, starvation and illiteracy will automatically be solved. This module will be helpful because all the institutions will compulsorily be restricted to fill 25% seat of admission in higher education as well as recruit jobs 25% from the domicile of the concerned district particularly from the rural area where the university and medical college are established. The rest of the 75% vacancies for admission and recruitment of jobs should be fulfilled on the basis of all India nature. Further, the universities and medical colleges should compulsorily focus on the research related to the local area so that the problems of the people residing in rural areas can be identified and curriculum of the courses should also include the Local Area development and Industry required Technology and Management skill. After establishment, following facilities will be available immediately to the nearest community:
Ø  Development of infrastructure in rural areas
Ø  Health facilities will be available at door step for all treatments to eradicate the health problems.
Ø  It will create a healthy environment and easy approach to higher education for all. It will also help to eradicate drop outs in Higher Education.
Ø  Revenue Cost will increase from the surrounding areas
Ø  Due to residential institutions, the basic needs entrepreneurs will be established and generate indirect employment
Ø  The problems like migration of the employment from rural area to urban area will be eradicated.
                Secondly, if the Government of India (GOI) creates UPSC & RPSC with IES, SES, IHS, SHS designation categories for the purpose of filling the administrative post of Higher Education and Health Services, the transfer/migration of the officers from rural to urban or urban to rural areas will be stopped and the officers will be able to do their best with comfort. The salary package of the RPSC officers should be minimum 25% higher than the officers of the UPSC. The officers of IES and IHS with SES and SHS who will serve from their appointment to their retirement without waste of energy in transfer from urban to rural of rural to urban areas.
                It is very ridiculous that the departments of Education and Health services are simply governed by the officers who do not have any experience in the concerned fields and other than Education and Health Services, all departments have related officer, like General Administration, Police, law, Finance, Forest, Taxes they were selected for that purpose only but the departments which are related to development of the basic structure of the society and human needs e. g. Education and Health Services should not be governed by the officers who are selected for that purpose.
                If the government adopts this module and establishes a residential university and medical college in a district, many problems which are barriers in the development of a community will be solved because this module will facilitate the population of the rural areas with education and medical facilities for their growth. Besides this, it will provide opportunities of employments which is the burning problem at present. The officers appointed through RPSC will make their best efforts and the problems of the officers to stay in rural areas will automatically be resolved.

Dr. Panckaj Garg
Vedaant Advisory Clinic (VAC)
Founder & Advisor, Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur


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