Dr. Garg invites comments from “Community of India”

Dr. Garg invites comments from “Community of India”
            The keen observation of the present scenario of educational system in India makes it clear that the faculty of higher educational institutions is simply lacking skills of the deliverance of knowledge in the classrooms. They have not proper knowledge of teaching methodologies because they do not obtain any training of teaching methodologies before their appointments as assistant professors. The current procedure of appointing faculty members should also be taken into account because it is simply based on unpractical policies. Besides this, the institutes of Higher Education are lacking the faculty members particularly Professors, Associate Professor and Assistant Professors, consequently, the quality of education is influenced due to lack of the teachers. Therefore, a deep discussion is the need of the hour in order to find out solution of such issues which are bottlenecks in providing proper education and the betterment of the humankind.
We Produce Working Module to our Nation for an Open Discussion
Appointment Policy for Academicians
Assistant Professor: A candidate should be given appointment on the post of Assistant Professor only if he/she has gained the knowledge in the following areas with minimum qualification of the Statutory Body without having NET/SLET/SET/Ph. D:
Ø  For the appointment of Asst Professor of General Discipline-teaching, a candidate must have passed 2 years of Teaching Methodology Training Programme and for Assistant Professor of Professional and Technical Discipline-teaching, a candidate must have passed 1 year Teaching Methodology Training Programme based on the Pedagogy like teaching tools, interactive education plans, psychology, preparation of lecture, methods of teaching, methods of evaluation, methods delivering lectures in the classrooms, digital and IT tools, use of library, team work, classroom management, research course work, curriculum preparation ethics, developing question Methods, soft skills, second language English, notes or book writing skills, academic administration and laboratory management.
Ø  It should be compulsory for the candidate to register himself/herself in the research degree Programme i. e. Ph D. within a month at the institute where he/she is given appointment.
            For this purpose Government of India (GOI) should establish Teaching Methodology Institutions under PPP Module in all over India. The curricula of their training should be helpful in their teaching because our faculty members have sufficient knowledge about their subjects/areas of specialization but in some or other way they do not know how to deliver lectures in the classroom, how to deal with the students in the classroom and they do not feel comfortable with IT tools. After joining as an Assistant Professor, it should be compulsory for the candidate to be enrolled for Ph. D within a month or within the minimum time limit in the institutions where he/she is given appointment for the post of Assistant Professor. He/she should pursue research work under the supervision of an Associate Professor or Professor in the same institution.
Associate Professor: after gaining experience of 4 years of teaching as an Assistant Professor, the candidate should be promoted to the position of an Associate Professor. He/she should be promoted to Associate Professor only if he/she has completed his/her Research Degree.
Professor: after gaining experience of 6 years of teaching as an Associate Professor, he/she can compulsorily be promoted to the position of a Professor. The Professor should be given opportunity to work for full time teacher at the organization where he/she is appointed or they can switch over to other institutions of their choice but they can only serve upto the age of 50 years.
            The Government of India should form the “Intellectual Capital of India” (ICI) to enlist all the Professors (above the age of 50) of India for the purpose of providing Guest Lecturers, Visiting Lectures, Walk-in-Research Projects and Higher Academic Positions like Vice-Chancellor and other Academic positions like Principal/Director/Proctor etc to the Higher Educational Institutions of India. A Professor can be deputed from the ICI, as per the requirement of the Higher Educational Institutions. The GOI should also offer fixed salary to all Professors of the ICI. The institution should also pay 50% of the total remuneration of a Professor to him/her who is called for a particular academic activity and the rest 50% of the remuneration should be deposited in the account of the ICI.
            The institutions can be benefitted from the Professors who are the “Intellectual Capital of India” (ICI). In this way, qualified persons particularly professors should not be treated as an individual property of a particular educational institution. They are property of ICI and all the institutions of a Nation are entitled to get benefit of their knowledge from them. All the ICI Professors should be attached to online portal so that they can share their knowledge as per the requirement of the higher educational institutes.
            After the applicability of working module, the higher educational institutions can approach to the single place i.e. ICI for the following purposes:
Ø  For the Guest Lectures in all the disciplines, the lectures can be online or offline as per the need of an institution.
Ø   If an institution needs a visiting faculty, it can contact to the ICI for the completion of the credits.
Ø  For Research Supervisors/Project Guidance
Ø  For a typical laboratory work.
Ø  For Academic Positions like Vice-Chancellor/Principal/Dean/HoD/Proctor/Provost for the fixed time duration as per the Acts and Statutes of the institutions.
            If the above mentioned procedures of teaching methodology, appointment and promotion of the Assistant Professors/Associate Professors/Professors and formation of the “Intellectual capital of India” come into existence, it will improve the current educational system and heal the gap between the required teachers and current availability of teachers. It will provide trained and skilled academic faculty members and create the “Intellectual Capital Property Hub” of Professors for institutions of all over India.  It will also resolve many other issues like lack of Phd. candidates because NET/SLET/SET etc don’t contribute to the knowledge of the candidate. After passing out the Teaching Methodology Training Programme, a candidate should be considered eligible for the post of an assistant Professor in the Higher Educational Institution where he/she will gain experience of teaching compulsorily pursue his /her Ph. D.. After getting experience of 4 years of teaching along with completing his/her Ph. D Degree, the candidate will be given promotion to the post of an Associate Professor. In this way, the faculty will sustain at a particular institution and the problem of the faculty to switch over from one institution to another will be resolved.
            I, Dr. Panckaj Garg request to all of you, kindly make your relevant and valuable comments on this Working Module so that after incorporating you valuable comments/suggestions etc we can submit the Working Module to the Government of India.


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